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      Audit for FY 2016-17 

      Audit for FY 2015-16

      Audit for FY 2014-15   

      Audit for FY 2013-14

      Audit for FY 2012-13

      Audit for FY 2010-11

      Audit for FY 2011-12


      Budget 2018-2019

      Budget 2017-2018

      Budget 2016-2017

      Budget 2015-2016

      Budget 2014-2015

      Budget 2013-2014



         Financials April 2018

         Financials March 2018

         Financials February 2018

         Financials January 2018


Financials December 2017

Financials November 2017

Financials October 2017

Financials September 2017

Financials August 2017

Financials July 2017

Financials June 2017

Financials May 2017

Financials April 2017

Financials March 2017

Financials February 2017

Financials January 2017


Financials December 2016

Financials November 2016

Financials October 2016

Financials September 2016

Financials August 2016

Financials July 2016

Financials June 2016 

Financials May 2016

Financials April 2016

Financials March 2016

Financials February 2016

Financials January 2016


      Financials December 2015

      Financials November 2015

      Financials October 2015

      Financials September 2015

      Financials August 2015

      Financials July 2015

      Financials June 2015

      Financials May 2015

      Financials April 2015

      Financials March 2015

      Financials February 2015

      Financials January 2015


      Financials December 2014

      Financials November 2014

      Financials October 2014

      Financials September 2014

      Financials August 2014

      Financials July 2014

      Financials June 2014

      Financials May 2014

      Financials April 2014

      Financials March 2014

      Financials February 2014

      Financials January 2014


      Financials December 2013

      Financials November 2013

      Financials October 2013

      Financials September 2013

      Financials August 2013

      Financials July 2013

      Financials June 2013

      Financials May 2013

      Financials April 2013

      Financials March 2013

      Financials February 2013

      Financials January 2013


      Financials December 2012

      Financials November 2012

      Financials October 2012

      Financials September 2012

      Financials August 2012

      Financials July 2012

      Financials June 2012

      Financials May 2012

      Financials April 2012

      Financials March 2012

      Financials February 2012

      Financials January 2012


      Financials December 2011

      Financials November 2011

      Financials October 2011

      Financials September 2011

      Financials August 2011

      Financials July 2011

      Financials June 2011

      Financials May 2011

      Financials April 2011

      Financials March 2011

      Financials February 2011

      Financials January 2011


 Board Meetings (Agenda and Minutes) 

      SeaSpray Minutes

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In addition to the various SeaSpray governing documents, the  HOA is also required to follow the folling State and Federal Statues and Policies.
(the By-Laws have been transcribed as of 9/14/2008. They have been reviewed for accuracy, and can be used as a reference. They have been formatted to have the same page breaks as the original document so you can reference by page number. Please note that printing them requires the use of legal size paper, 8.5"x14", or a reduction to 79% of the original page size if using 8.5x11 paper, in order to make the page numbers coincide with the original document.) 
        Bedbug Policy
        ARC Guidelines


Grilling and outdoor cooking shall only be allowed in authorized areas.  Occupants or units are expressly prohibited from having open fires or cooking of any kind on balconies or hallways.
The above rules and regulations shall be observed by any owner or occupant by they owners, guests, or otherwise, of any unit in SeaSpray condominiums.  (Posted September 9, 2008).   
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Guests or tenants within a condominium shall not be allowed to bring pets of any sort on the property nor shall they be allowed to stay within any condominium unit. Legal owners of the unit may keep pets inside their units subject to the following:
a. Pets must NOT be left unattended outside the units
b. Pets are to be fed and watered within the units
c. Should a pet cause a nuisance by barking or otherwise, the owner is subject to having the pet removed by the Association.
d. Pets shall NOT be walked in landscaped areas, and the owner is responsible for clean-up after a pet on the condominium site.
The above rules and regulations shall be observed by any owner or occupant by they owners, guests, or otherwise, of any unit in SeaSpray condominiums.  (Posted September 9, 2008).   
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Each owner is allowed 2 cars on the property.  Please park in assigned areas.